Return Policy

Now why the fuck would you want to return something to us? Seriously? Just re-gift it to someone else. It will save us both a lot of trouble. Think about it. You don't have to print out any packing slips. There's nothing to package up. No out of pocket shipping expenses. Plus, you won't have to drive to the post office to drop off the damn package. Sounds good right? So find some other schmuck to give your item too and don't send it back!

Honestly though. If you really, really, really need to send it back, I guess you can. We're not going to be happy about it but we'll take it back anyway. Just use the contact form to let us know the reason why you're sending it back. Make sure to include your order number so we know who the fuck returned one of our awesome items. Once we have that info, we'll issue you an RMA #. Then you can be miserable and do all of the above. Keep in mind, we do not cover shipping back to us. That's all on you man. Sorry, not sorry!